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  • Danielle Frias

Why to Hire a Day of Coordinator

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We can’t even begin to count how many times we’ve heard, “I wish I would have just hired someone for the day”.

People tend to underestimate how many details go into planning any kind of event, especially a wedding. Doing the “big” things like booking a venue, finding the right wedding dress, or deciding on a color scheme can absolutely be done without the expertise of a planner. But as the wedding day gets closer, the little details get larger, and this is when having an expert really matters!

Having worked at an events venue for years, we saw firsthand the difference between events that were planned with and without coordinators. Of course the ones with planners ran much smoother! For this reason, many venues have started to require licensed coordinators (meaning it’s their full-time job) at the events.

Another trend we see often is a friend or family member offering to help coordinate the day. What a sweet gesture, but keep in mind that at some point they will also want to enjoy the wedding with you. We won’t even begin to get into some of the wedding day mishaps we’ve witnessed because of this. With the experience and knowledge of a professional coordinator these incidents are not likely.

Our Day of Coordinator’s purpose (putting it mildly!) consists of:

· Finalizing the loose ends starting a month out

· Visiting the ceremony and reception location before the wedding

· Putting all the clients event details (timeline, floor plan, etc.) together

· Distributing important information to vendors

· Executing the ceremony rehearsal

· Ensuring their clients do not lift a finger on their wedding day

· Overseeing the event from beginning (setup) to the end (breakdown)

· & always having a Plan B for the unexpected!

Keep in mind that the above description is very brief and that there are many other factors, details, and responsibilities a planner will oversee. Now that you understand the importance of hiring a coordinator click here to begin the process!

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