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  • Danielle Frias

Wedding Trends for 2022

The past two years couples have been walking on eggshells trying to plan their big day. 2022 is the closest we’ve seen to “normal” in a while, so it's no surprise that weddings are coming back with big statements! Read below to learn which trends will be popular this year.

Bold Colors

Photo: Emma Anne Photography

Neutral tones have been and will likely always be a popular color palette for weddings. However, it seems that 2022 will be a year of vibrant and bold colors. Now the weddings have pretty much return to normal, bright colors are making a comeback. Source such as Green Wedding Shoes and Southern living have all suggested that the popular colors of the year will be green. It represents life, simplicity, and renewal, so expect to see earth tones like sage, olive, hunter, and emerald.

Specialty Bars

Photo: Phoenix Wedding Photography | Annamarie Akins Photography | Abby Jiu Photography

Let’s be honest, alcohol can be one of the most important aspects of a wedding reception, and overtime couples have curated bars to be more reflective of their personalities. The best example of this is the Signature Cocktail. Similar in concept with a little extra glam, is a Specialty Cocktail Bar, a new bar trend for 2022. So basically, in addition to having a standard bar, there would be another bar dedicated to serving one or several specialty cocktails. Some examples include champagne cocktail bars, a scotch bar, a margarita bar, or a mixture. Some of these stations also include details like sparkles, toppings, and unique ingredients.

Bridgerton Inspired

Photo: Anneli Marinovich | Carrie McGuire Photography | Milk Glass Productions

After its debut in 2020, Netflix’s hit show Bridgerton has made quite the impact. With its next season airing this year, it’s no surprise that the show’s regal style has also made an impression on the wedding world. The name for this Bridgerton aesthetic: regencycore. Some of its decor characteristics includes vintage China and furnishings, whimsical gardens, as well as blue pastels. Designers have also been inspired and created gowns featuring empire waists, puffy sleeves, detailed embroidery, and pearls.

Eco- Friendly

Photo: Eco Warrior Princess | Erika Mills Photography | Papercase Studio Etsy

Younger generations are giving more and more thought to the ways in which they can eliminate waste at their weddings. These sustainable weddings, also referred to as green wedding or eco-friendly weddings, will be a popular trend in 2022. There are several small changes couples can make that can have a large impact on the environment. listed a few examples which include sustainable diamonds, paperless invitations, a charity registry, outdoor weddings, décor rental, and edible favors.

Weekday Weddings

Photo: Giverny Wedding Photography | Sam Gomez Photography | Giverny Wedding Photography

Date availability is more competitive than ever. Due to the cancellations of 2020, 2021, and new engagements, finding a date in 2022 can be quite a feat. For this reason, many couples are opting for weekday weddings. While Monday-Thursday weddings are out of the norm, there is one big advantage to selecting one of the days: less expensive rates and better availability. Many venues and vendors are more willing to give discounts. Since this trend has become more popular, it is imperative to secure a wedding date asap!


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