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  • Danielle Frias

Out With the Old, & in With the New

Every year wedding trends come and go, so what wedding rituals are couples still partaking in, and which ones are they opting out of?

Below we have compiled an up-to-date list of trends to consider, and reconsider for your big day!

Trends to Consider:

Welcome Parties

  • Since many couples are choosing destination weddings, hosting activities before the wedding has become increasingly popular! Events like a group wine tasting, or a sunset catamaran ride are fun ways for your guests to break the ice and loosen up for the wedding day.

Wedding Flat Lays

  • A Flay Lay is a collection of specials items that are delicately arranged for a photo. Items often include jewelry, stationery, shoes, florals, ribbons, etc. It’s important to have them ready ahead of time, so you’re not scrambling to find them on your wedding day. Most photographers have also added Flay Lay to their list of shots. but you may want to double check if it’s something that’s important to you.

Non-traditional Guest Books

  • Nowadays, wedding guest books can be so much more than a place for signatures. There are so many other unique ways to cherish your guests and their kind words! Here are a few ideas to consider: voicemail audiobook, postcards, Jenga blocks, polaroid cameras, and so much more!

Group Wedding Party Entrance

  • An alternative way to start the reception is introducing the wedding party as a group(s) as opposed to individually/couples. This can especially be helpful if you have a large wedding party or if some of the participants are a little shy.

Ceiling & Floral Installations

  • As beautiful as the minimal style has been, couples have been incorporating more dramatic installations. Whether it’s through florals, draping, greenery, suspending décor. etc. the dramatic is definitely back!

Private Last Dance

  • This is the last dance during the reception, when all the guests have left the venue. It is often incorporated with your Grand Exit- as the guests are exiting and lining up for the final farewell, the newlyweds take this opportunity to share one last dance together in privacy.

Trends to Reconsider:

Wedding Favors

  • Over the years, wedding favors have become less and less popular. Unless it’s something that your guest can absolutely utilize, it’s best to opt out of them completely. Remember that your guests aren’t focused on the favor, but the wedding experience you’ve created for them.

Signature Cocktails

  • Instead of a signature cocktail, consider a specialty bar offering different drink options that still fall within your theme. For example, a gin bar that makes 4 different kinds of gin cocktails.

Custom Signage

  • Not everything at your wedding needs to have a label on it. Guests know they're supposed to sign a Sign in Book and where to place the gifts. Instead create something more personal like a thank you message for each table.

Wedding Hashtags

  • The wedding hashtag trend has been winding down for a while. It seems that the primary reason for this is because of how much social media has changed. Stories and reels have become more popular than posts thus hashtags aren’t as important.

Bouquet and Garter Toss

  • Even though the bouquet and garter toss are two of the most traditional wedding activities, it’s also one that we are seeing less and less of. Many couples feel that it either doesn’t apply to their group or that it’s a little tackey. Regardless of the reason, never feel that you must do an activity because it’s a “traditional” wedding element.

Balloon Décor

  • Balloon installations and arches have slowly begun to fade from wedding day décor. In its place, flowers walls, arches, and heavy greenery have become more popular. Now if you still want to incorporate balloons, consider saving them for other wedding events such as engagement or bridal showers.

Planner’s Advice: Weddings will always have trendy elements. If you want your wedding to look timeless in the future, pick a handful of trends and try to keep the rest simple!


Photography: Christina Elliot Photography

Venue: McGovern Centennial Garden

Floral: Unforgettable Floral

Rentals: Aztec Events and Tents

Catering: Pappas Catering

Stationary: Betty Lu Paperie


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