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  • Danielle Frias

Steps for Changing Your Wedding Date!

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1. Contact Your Wedding Planner: Yes, that’s why we’re here! Whether you have a Day-Of or Full Planner reach out and ask for help. Many planners have experienced weddings with date changes and will be able to provide expert advice!

2. Change the Date: Call your venue ASAP and see what they have available in the coming months. This should be of the upmost priority as all wedding changes will be dependent on a new date. If you had a special date selected, consider changing it to your engagement anniversary, the day you met, or even the day you had your first kiss. Don’t forget to ask your venue what the policy is for changing to a new date!

3. Contact Your Vendors: Once you have a new date, call your vendors individually to discuss the options moving forward. Most vendors will have a section in their contract that discusses date change policy so familiarize yourself before you call. Keep in mind that in emergency circumstances, many vendors are willing to waive or minimize change the date fees. If you vendor is no longer available, ask your planner for new vendor suggestions!

4. Postpone Wedding Announcement: If your Invitations or Save the Dates have already gone out, consider sending a Postpone Wedding Postcard. Now if you’re a few weeks out and need more urgent communication to your guest, you can create a private social media group, update your wedding website, or create an email blast.

Postpone the date cards, wedding invites, and wedding websites:

5. Don’t Panic!: Much easier said than done right? Just remember that you can still have your dream wedding...just on a different date! This is also a perfect time to reflect on the real importance of a wedding: the commitment you are making to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with!


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