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  • Danielle Frias

How Day of Planners Prepare for Weddings

image via Jhenry Studios

How do Day of Coordinators prepare? When do they start planning? How many hours do they actually work? What do they do exactly?

All valid questions to ask yourself when debating if you need a Day of Planner!

Many couples planning their wedding are often under the impression that Day of Coordinators only work the day of. That by sending them a floorplan and a timeline, a planner will successfully be able to run their wedding day. This is not realistic!

If you are experienced coordinators like us, we have learned that perfection cannot be executed without preparation. For this reason, our Day of Services starts 4-6 weeks before the big day. Another common term often used to describe this kind of planning is “Month of”- they are basically the same service.

Now that we have explained when our works starts, it important to understand what we do during that time frame and how many hours we work. On average our Day of Planners spend 20-25 hours planning, preparing, & executing.

Below is a brief breakdown to help explain:

Pre-Wedding (average 12-15 hours):

  • Offer ongoing advice from the date of the contract (answering questions, recommending vendors, etc.)

  • In person consultation 6 weeks before (add travel time)

  • Compile and organize essential wedding information (vendor list, wedding questionnaire, etc.)

  • Reach out to all vendors and become their main point of contact

  • Schedule & attend a venue site visit (add travel time)

  • Create the wedding day timeline and floorplan

  • Send all vendors event details (timeline, floorplan, setup, breakdown, etc.)

  • Execute the rehearsal ceremony with your officiant/church official (add travel time)

Wedding Day (average 10 hours):

  • 10 hours of on-site coordination (add travel time). Direct vendors, set up personal items, manage the event timeline, oversee the break down, pack up gifts/personal items at the end of the evening, and deal with any changes that might occur.

From communication, in person meetings, distributing event information, and even travel time, its easy to see that Day of Planning really goes beyond the Day Of. Keep in mind that this is an average time and every events needs are different!

For a truly successful wedding, there must be hours and hours of preparation beforehand. Fortunately, with so many years of experience we have it down to science!

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